City Sound Radio offers a variety of advertising and sponsorship opportunities unique to this growing entertainment market. We offer packages which are flexible, affordable and cost-effective and give you a remarkable and unique chance to reach not only the people of the area but also across the UK and the World.




It gets everywhere. People don’t switch off the computer / Internet radio because there's an advert on, or go and make the tea. Neither will they put it under the cat litter tray, or put it out for recycling. It is memorable. Good radio commercials are remembered. And the more they are played, the more memorable they become. It is portable, you can listen to Internet radio on your smart phone, at work (sometimes). You can even have it on in the car whilst driving, major car manufacturers are now offering Internet radio in UK cars. It’s on in the background to any number of activities at home or at work.




It probably costs less than you think. Small stations charge sensible prices for the products they offer. If you've been put off by the ££££s charged by some larger radio stations you may be pleasantly surprised.


If your business is local or global, you don't need us to flash graphs and statistics at you to let you know that huge numbers of people across Wakefield and the UK and of course around the globe now listen to Internet radio as an alternative to the FM/AM and Digital stations. We are a local independent Internet radio station maintaining constant listeners at all times.





For extra business exposure across the Wakefield area, please contact us if you would like to advertise or sponsor a feature on City Sound Radio.





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